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Sep 30 2022

When Should I Switch On The Furnace?

The furnace is a bulky and costly machine that is necessary for keeping our homes warm in the winter. Turning your furnace on is important to autumn and winter home maintenance. When is the best time for maintenance? It depends on different factors like the weather outside and your comfort.

Factors That Decide When To Turn On The Furnace

  • The best time to turn on the furnace Chico CA, depends on the temperature and whether or not your home is already equipped with central air.  
  • If the weather has been consistently cold for a week or more and you do not have a central air conditioner, it is probably time to turn on the furnace. You do not want to wait until your home is cold before you turn on the heat.  
  • On the other hand, if you have central air, you may not need to turn on the furnace at all. Central air can provide both heating and cooling, so unless it is particularly cold outside, you may be able to get through it without using extra heat. You should check the outside temperature and monitor the interior temperature when deciding whether to turn the furnace on. 
  • A temperature of around 64°F is recommended as the ideal indoor temperature range for winter. If your home temperature is below 50°F, you risk frozen pipes. So to avoid that, don’t set your heating too low.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Turning On Your Furnace

  • The most important thing is to check your furnace filter. A clean filter will help your HVAC CA, to run more efficiently and even prolong its lifespan.
  • Look at your thermostat and ensure it is set to heat mode. You may also want to consider turning down the temperature a few degrees to help reduce your energy consumption.
  • If you have an old furnace, you may want to service it before turning it on for the season. It will help ensure that it is running safely and efficiently. 
  • Once you have turned on your furnace, monitor it closely for any unusual noises or smells. If you notice such problems, you should contact the professional for furnace repair and we also provide best heat pump replacement Paradise CA.

Schedule An Annual Tune-Up

Annual furnace maintenance is key to keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently all winter. Our qualified technicians will clean and inspect your furnace during a tune-up and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. It will also help to check your furnace filter and replace it if necessary.

A clean filter will help your furnace run more efficiently and may even extend its life. Preventive maintenance services help you keep your unit up-to-date. You can do these services via a trusted contractor who can schedule automatic services for your unit. Contact an HVAC companies CA to clean your furnace thoroughly.

To Sum up

Various factors decide when it is the right time to switch on the furnace. If you’re comfortable with a little chill in the air, you can wait a bit longer to turn on your furnace. However, if you prefer your home to be warm and cozy, it’s best to turn it on sooner rather than later. It is also essential to monitor your energy use so that you don’t end up paying more than you need for heating costs.

All Around HVAC staff is highly qualified and up to date on repair techniques. We are confident that we can fix your furnace before the cold winter arrives. Contact us to learn more about heating repair Chico CA, and book your appointment.