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Oct 15 2022

12 Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repair

If your heating system isn’t functioning properly in the winter, you should be aware of the warning signs. Having a broken heater can be frustrating and costly, so it’s important to find out if there is any problem as soon as possible.

Here are some signs your heating system needs to be repaired urgently.

Age Of A Furnace

Take a look at your furnace first. The furnace in your house is probably already old, so it’s almost at the end of its useful life. Check the owner’s or furnace’s manual for the model number. Depending on usage and maintenance, furnaces typically last between 15 and 20 years.

The Yellow Flame

When your heater is operating properly, you will see a blue fire called full combustion. The yellow indicates that your furnace is circulating carbon monoxide, which is extremely harmful to breathe. It is necessary to adjust or clean your furnace if it is yellow or orange.

Strange Noises

A trained professional should check the unit to see if any pieces have become loose. Often, all that’s needed to restore normal operation is to tighten all the bolts.

Health Issues In The House

Old, worn-out heating systems develop cracks that allow gases such as carbon monoxide to enter the home. This type of sign may be caused by carbon monoxide resulting in health issues among the family members.

Corrosion Or Fissures

If you see rust or cracks appearing on your furnace or nearby, it’s time to replace it. It develops inevitably as the furnace ages.

Uneven Heating In The Rooms

If you notice that different rooms are heating up unevenly in your home, your furnace is most likely to blame. Heat distribution throughout your house may become more difficult as your furnace ages.

In these circumstances, contact All Around HVAC for heating repair CA.

Excess Dust In Furnace Vents

How often do you change your furnace’s filters? A filter keeps the unit clean and prevents dust from entering. After they’ve been in use for a long time, dust can build up around the vents. Check your filters now if you don’t remember when you last changed them.

High Amounts Of Humidity

Your heating system may cause any unusual dampness or sweating you experience inside your house. There is a problem with your furnace’s humidity control, and you must furnace repair Chico soon as possible.

Old Thermostat Batteries

You may have a failed thermostat battery if your furnace won’t work. Your furnace will only be able to run properly with good battery power, as the two units are connected. Battery replacement is an easy fix. A service call is needed if new thermostat batteries don’t solve the problem.

Frequent Cycles

When the air in your home contacts too cold, your furnace turns on to regulate the temperature. Over time, this can permanently damage the unit. We specialize our heating Chico CA and the surrounding areas.

A High Heating Bill

When your average heating bill increases and your furnace ages, you may want to think about replacing it.

The Furnace Won't Turn On

To identify potential problems with your furnace, you can troubleshoot it in several ways. If you are facing this issue, contact us. At All Around HVAC, we offer a wide range of HVAC services, including furnace installation, maintenance also including solar installation Chico CA.