Jul 28 2021

Some Commercial Air Conditioning Service Tips for Your Company

To prevent costly system failures, businesses need to pay attention to their HVAC systems. It is in human nature that we cannot work efficiently in hot temperatures. Therefore, commercial air conditioners need to run efficiently for better employee performance. A key for such performance from your system is commercial air conditioning maintenance services. Below are some tips to avoid costly air conditioning services in Chico, CA:

Avoid system overloading

The hot summer temperatures may be tempting you to turn your air conditioners’ thermostat to its lowest temperature. However, it is advised not to set a thermostat in its lowest setting.

Turning down your thermostat setting will not turn the building’s temperature down immediately. Additionally, it keeps a severe load on the system. Keep the thermostat at a moderate temperature where it is comfortable to avoid high electricity bills and to cause damage to the system.

Clean the condenser unit

One of the common workplace problems is to cover the rooftop air conditioner with chairs or furniture. This might be done unknowingly but has the potential to damage the air conditioner. Keep these away from the unit as they lower the air conditioner’s ability to pull in air and increase the load.

To have the device work efficiently while consuming low power, keep the condenser unit clean and not block these units with furniture or any other item.

Replace your filters and clean the vents

The HVAC filters in the workplace can collect all the dirt, bacteria, pollen, and mold. This is the reason why they should be on your regular maintenance checklist. During the summer months, these filters should be replaced at least once.

To keep the air circulating, the air vents should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning these vents will also stop the virus and bacteria from spreading in the commercial property.

Freon levels

A common problem in older units is leaky freon. Commercial AC units should not be leaking freon. These leaks or drops in the freon levels indicate a decrease in the performance of the unit. Contact air conditioning services in Chico, CA, and schedule an appointment with a professional HVAC expert to get these leaks fixed.

Regular maintenance

Routine maintenance services will help you to stop worrying about unplanned breakdowns. These services primarily identify and repair any problems before they escalate into something large That drops your employee efficiency.

Businesses should have regular maintenance checkups because they continuously use the air conditioning units throughout the year, unlike homeowners who tend to turn on their AC units during summers and hot days. Maintenance checkups twice a year are a minimum for commercial air conditioner units.

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