Jul 30 2021

Common Signs That Signify You Needs AC Repair

We run our air conditioner all summer and might not treat the problems that arise with them immediately. But once the summer is over, you will have plenty of time to get your AC unit checked and repaired if there are any damages. This will help you stay prepared for the high temperatures next season. Call your AC repair in Chico, CA, and schedule a visit.

Schedule a maintenance checkup

It is advised to have an expert visit your home and examine your air conditioning unit to check for any problems that may have arisen during the summer. These checkups will enable the technician to service and repair small problems like loose bolts and screws. They will also find any issues that might end up as costly air conditioning services in Chico, CA, if not treated and solve them immediately.

Find warning signs on your own

If you have already had a maintenance visit and don’t want to schedule a new one, or if you cannot make an appointment for checkups, you can look for some sure signs that indicate a need for repair. However, the interiors of your air conditioner should only be examined by a trained professional to ensure safety from components like refrigerant and such.

You can find some of the common issues in your air conditioner easily. Any sign that doesn’t match with the regular functioning of your AC unit should be a concern.

The following are some signs that you need immediate air conditioner repair by HVAC Companies in Chico, CA done:

  • Strange noises

Every air conditioner makes some common noises when turned on and while running. However, if you listen to any unusual sounds like bumps, hum, grinds, whistles, or clangs need to be checked. These sounds usually occur when you turn on and off your system.

Drop-in cooling levels

If your system is blowing out warm air or air that isn’t in the desired set temperature while working, the system needs repair. Sometimes it can be mistaken for repair when the air is slightly warmer than what you feel is comfortable. Check the thermostat setting to make sure if there is any change.

  • Weak airflow

Any blockage or debris in the ducts will retrain the air from flowing through the vents swiftly. This might be because there is damage in the fan or fan motor that needs expert care.

  • High electricity bills

Sometimes the sign for repairs doesn’t appear directly but can be indirect, like increased power bills. If your air conditioner’s efficiency is reduced, it takes up more energy to produce cool air, in turn raising your total electricity bill. Get your air conditioner checked if you find yourself paying more than average amounts as your power bills.

These signs should tell you if you need an air conditioner repair and AC replacement in Chico, CA If you find any of these signs, call us at (530)-521-4433 or drop a mail at

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