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Nov 15 2021

Six Signs That the Flame Sensor in Your Furnace Has Gone Bad

.The principal function of the flame sensor in your furnace is to ensure that the gas outlet opens only when the flames are burning. Otherwise, the hazardous gas could accumulate, causing a leak or fire. All modern diesel furnaces and other gas-powered central heating systems include flame sensors.

However, if you have an old model, it is crucial to check and find out if a flame detector is incorporated in the furnace before assuming that it is right in there. Also, if you are doubtful, you can always call experts for furnace Chico, CA, and get the machine inspected.

Signs That Your Flame Sensor Has Gone Bad

Mentioned hereunder are top indications that your furnace flame sensor has some issues and demands you to schedule a repair session with an expert heating Chico, CA.

  • Yellow Lights On The Burner

Open or look through the porthole of your gas furnace to examine the burning flame color in the furnace burner. For example, if the burning flames are yellow, the gas is not entirely ignited.

It is most likely due to ineffective carbon monoxide venting from the system. Call HVAC companies CA an expert professional to perform furnace fire sensor maintenance or a gas burner cleaning to resolve the problem. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the smoke detector in your home.

  • Series of Rusted Pipeline

Broken pipelines, like yellow burner fires, are another symptom of improper furnace ventilation. The exhaust system is crucial for expelling the harmful carbon-di-oxide gas outside your house. However, when the carbon-di-oxide gas is not eliminated, the pipelines in your heating system will deteriorate and degrade, resulting in a furnace ignitor breakdown.

  • Utility Bills Are Skyrocketing.

If your heating expenditures have been greater than usual, even in normal winter conditions double-check to ensure your heater’s air purifiers are clear. The air purifier component is good, your heater probably has a more severe problem—the issue may be with the heating system’s gas detector limiting it from performing to its full potential.

  • Water Spills

If you notice pools of water at the base of your furnace. You must determine the source of the leak as soon as possible. Also, if the puddles develop just when your air conditioning unit gets turned on, they are most likely located somewhere along the water condensate line.

  • Aging

After around 20 years of an appliance’s service, naturally, you’ll want to upgrade to a modern, more energy-efficient gas heater model. Spare yourself the worry of a faulty furnace flame sensor by hiring a trained professional to furnace repair Paradise CA if that is the case.

  • Adjusting The Thermostat Constantly

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat to keep cool air flowing around your home? Don’t compromise; instead, contact a flame sensor representative to stay in a comfortable living environment.

The professionals can inspect the controller and furnace to locate the source of the problem. Also, they can then provide you with an explanation of what happened and help you with the best course of action.

Are you looking for an expert technician to resolve the issues of the flame sensor or your furnace? Look no further than All Around HVAC. To know more about affordable and proficient services, call us at (530)-521-4433 or email us at

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