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Dec 20 2021

Why Won’t My Heating System Turn On?

When the weather dips in , CA, you want to crank up the thermostat so that your house is warm and cozy. But, on the other hand, what may be the issue if you switch on the heater and nothing happens?

1. Failure of the Thermostat

When you turn on the thermostat, and it doesn’t react, it might be due to various issues, such as the system not engaging because the power is turned off. Make sure the furnace door is closed correctly if you’re using one. 

If the door isn’t tight in sure furnaces, a switch within the door stops the heater from turning on. You may require to replace the batteries in the thermostat if batteries power it by the experts from our HVAC CA.

2. A Motor With a Bad Inducer Draft

This little engine, also known as a “draft inducer,” helps empty the heat exchanger of remaining gas from previous cycles and expel all gases created during the furnace’s combustion process.

Anyway, you have got to replace it when it goes wrong. When we return a draft inducer, we also collect flue gas samples to check the efficiency of your burners and the heat exchanger’s condition. Contact our experts from our heating Chico, CA area to fix this issue.

3. Heat Exchanger With a Crack

On the other hand, a fractured heat exchanger does not necessarily result in furnace failure – at least not straight away.

It may reduce your system’s efficiency, which you may notice if it becomes severe enough. In addition, cracked heat exchangers might indicate another issue that could lead to your furnace failing, such as limited airflow caused by unclean components. It’s a challenging situation to be in. If your heat exchanger is fractured, you must replace it.

The problem with heat exchangers is that they contain carbon monoxide (CO). CO pours out when they fracture, making everyone at home very unwell, and in severe circumstances, it can even kill you. So the basic conclusion is that you should always replace a damaged heat exchanger, and if your furnace is beyond its prime, you should replace it with the experts from our heating service Chico, CA, area.

4. Ductwork Design or Installation That isn’t up to Code

The issue may not be with the heater, but the ductwork of the heating unit is causing the problem.

The design and installation of proper ducting is a substantial task. Unfortunately, when measuring and installing ducts, many builders and HVAC contractors from our heating services and heat pump replacement Paradise CA take shortcuts or depend on laws of thumb (rather than building science). If you’re fortunate, you’ll have ductwork of the appropriate size and is installed correctly. The system may not be as efficient as it might be, but it will function.

The approach is to repair whatever HVAC system components failed and restructure your ductwork to the degree practicable. Otherwise, you may get the same issue again. For more information, call our HVAC Companies Chico, CA at (530) 521-4433.

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