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Mar 30 2022

How Often Should Commercial HVAC be Serviced

A commercial HVAC system has as much importance as a residential HVAC system. Our comfort needs are not limited to our home only. We need a comfortable environment in our workspace too. 

The installation of commercial AC or furnaces Chico, CAgives the work environment one deserves. That’s why every commercial building owner prefers installing an HVAC system.

Why is Commercial HVAC Servicing Required?

  • To Know the Age of HVAC Equipment.

Servicing provides information about the equipment of the HVAC system. We know how long they will last and which equipment needs replacement.

  • For Desired Cooling and Heating

To receive the desired cooling and heating Chico, CAthe servicing of the HVAC system is a must as this enhances the airflow.

  • To Enhance the Indoor Air Quality.

If we neglect the servicing of the commercial HVAC system, its condition will degrade more. The air quality will also degrade with this.

  • Increase the Lifespan of the HVAC System

Commercial HVAC servicing helps increase the system’s lifespan as it includes overall inspection and fault solution.

When to Schedule Services for the Commercial HVAC System?

Like any other HVAC system, commercial HVAC needs servicing twice a year. However, we can prefer servicing only once a year for residential HVAC units but twice servicing is a must for commercial HVAC systems. Such systems are more extensive and used more than the residential HVAC system.

Schedule servicing once in the spring and fall season for commercial AC units and do the exact opposite for the furnace system.

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