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Jan 17 2022

How Can I Protect My Home From Cold Weather?

As winter comes, it’s essential to get your house ready for the cold. You may improve your home’s energy efficiency and protect it from damage caused by rain, snow, and freezing temperatures by doing these few easy actions. Our top-notch service of furnace repair will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.

  • Book an Appointment for an Energy Assessment of Your House.

This is carried out by an expert from our furnace repair and heating Chico, CA, and may assist you in identifying any faults or problems with your property before the cold season arrives.

  • Look for Drafts Coming in at the Bottom of the Door.

You may be shocked at how much energy is lost behind improperly sealed doors. So you may install a “draft snake” or replace the weather stripping under your door to reduce energy loss.

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  • Window Seals Should be Used.

You may not realize, but there are chances of losing heat around your windows as well. So if you make sure they’re appropriately caulked, you might save a lot of money on your heating bills.

  • Make Your Appliances up to Date.

You may improve your home’s energy efficiency while keeping it warm during the winter months by updating an aging furnace or acquiring more energy-efficient equipment. 

  • Install a Programmed Thermostat and Maintain the Temperature at 65 Degrees or Above.

Lowering the thermostat at night may help you save a lot of money on your heating bills. However, temperatures below 55 degrees might cause a slew of additional issues. Therefore maintaining a temperature of no less than 65 degrees in your house is ideal. If you are looking HVAC CA then you can contact All Around HVAC Solar. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

  • Reduce the Temperature of Your Water Heater.

By reducing the highest temperature of your water heater, you may save money as well as electricity.

  • It’s Better to Have a Generator as a Backup.

Your furnace repair, heat pump replacement Paradise CA and water heater won’t work if you don’t have power. Consider a dual-fuel generator that can run on natural gas, liquid propane, or gasoline to power your house automatically. In addition, a generator can keep your leak detection system running.

You can also contact a specialist from our furnace repair CA, by calling All Around HVAC Solar at (530) 521-4433.