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Dec 20 2022

12 Tips For Winterizing Your Home

While gearing up for winter, there are a few preventive measures to safeguard your home from the severe winter and doing so can work wonders!

How To Winterize Your Home

So here are 12 tips for winterizing your home for improved heating CA:

Upgrade To The Programmable Thermostat -

One way to significantly reduce your energy costs this winter is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat. If you usually set your thermostat to around 74 degrees, try to set it to 68-70 degrees. If done correctly, lowering your home’s overall average temperature can significantly impact your monthly energy use. If you require assistance with your HVAC services contact  HVAC Companies CA for professional service.

Getting Your Heating System Checked -

When winterizing your home, begin by inspecting the air filters in your heating system. Take them out, wash them, and hang them to dry if they have accumulated dirt or dust. Replace them once they are completely dry and clean. A clean filter improves air quality while lowering energy bills.

Check and replace smoke alarms -

Check with all your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms to help safeguard you and your family this winter. House fires are most common from December to March. Portable and fixed space heaters are the major cause of fire incidents this time of year. Check your smoke alarm monthly and replace the batteries every two years.

Inspect and clean the chimney -

Creosote accumulation on the walls can ignite over time. To prevent any buildup inside the chimney, you must take the proper winter house repairs precautions.

Reversing The Direction Of Ceiling Fans-

Changing the orientation of your ceiling fan’s spins is an often-overlooked winter home maintenance tip. This will improve airflow in specific rooms in your home, especially in rooms with vaulted or high ceilings. 

Servicing Your Heating System -

It is recommended that our professional investigate and service your furnace every year to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency and that there are no safety issues with the unit.

Flush Out The Water Heater -

Since water heaters are inactive during the summer, sediment and other particles can accumulate in the outlets, lowering their efficiency. To get rid of sediment, flush the drain valve at least one time before the winter season begins.

Adequate Insulation -

If your neighbors’ roofs have snow on them after the snow has melted on yours, you most likely have inadequate insulation. You should get it fixed by our professional HVAC technician.

Get Your Furnace Cleaned -

Having your furnace inspected and cleaned every year is always a good idea. This ensures that your furnace is in good working order for many winters. You should contact our professional to clean your furnace services and best heat pump replacement Paradise CA properly.

Protect Your Pipes -

Consult a plumbing technician (especially older plumbing) for cracks and leaks before the cold sets in, insulate exterior pipes to prevent cold, winterize your outdoor shower, and disconnect and drain your external hose and faucet.

Create A Well-Lit Exterior -

Shorter days mean that it’s dark when most of us wake up in the morning and even darker when we get home at night. Examine your outdoor lighting to ensure it is in good working order to avoid trips and falls on dark or icy surfaces.

Stock Up On Firewood -

A well-kept firewood supply is useful for more than just evenings by the fireplace or fire pit. 


With these simple tips, you can reduce energy bills and keep your house warm with an efficiently working HVAC unit in , CA. To get the best heating service CA, contact our expert HVAC technicians at All Around Heating Air & Solar. You can contact us at (530) 521-4433.