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May 25 2022

5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Is Not Cooling Effectively

Your conditioners are designed to provide cool and comfortable from California’s scorching heat. But what happens when your air conditioner does not function effectively and starts throwing hot air? Not so relaxing, right? Don’t worry. Schedule professional air conditioning services Chico, CA, at the first sign of trouble. 

From easy fixes to complex repairs, there are different reasons for the improper functioning of your air conditioner. Find expert answers and solutions for probable causes of your air conditioner malfunctioning.  

Five Common Causes Why Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Effectively. 

  • Dirty and Clogged Air Filters and Drain Pipes.

It is one of the common causes of ineffective cooling and is relatively an easier fix. Regular maintenance will help you prevent any sudden malfunction. 

You can easily clean the air filters yourself by placing the filter under running water and using an old toothbrush to clean any accumulated dust. It will help better air circulation within the system and provide healthier and cooler air. 

  • Incorrect Thermostat Setting. 

Always check the settings of your thermostat before inspecting any faults within the system. Make sure the mode selection is correct. 

Call HVAC Companies CA for professional AC tune-up services for a complete thermostat investigation. An expert will check the sensor functioning, which can be affected due to dust, and help increase your air conditioner’s cooling comfort and efficiency. 

  • Refrigerant Leakage. 

Refrigerant is a chemical utilized in the cooling cycle inside your air conditioner. Any leakage or spill can prevent your air conditioner from functioning effectively. 

Schedule an appointment for professional AC repair Chico, CAAn expert technician will check the refrigerant levels and examine and repair any leaks in the system. 

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil. 

An evaporator coil inside the air conditioner removes excess heat and moisture from the air. Over time, dust can accumulate on its surface, which hampers the normal cooling cycle of your air conditioner. 

Frost from your air conditioner, water dripping from the indoor unit, and ineffective cooling are common signs of a frozen evaporator coil. An evaporator coil is inaccessible without proper tools and equipment and is best repaired by expert technicians. Do not try to open the evaporator coil without safety and guidance.

  • Undersized Air Conditioner.

There are a lot of factors that can help you choose the right size of your air conditioner according to your room. The size of an air conditioner is calculated using its BTUh value (British Thermal Units Per Hour).

Specialists will help you choose the right size of the air conditioner. If you have a little air conditioner, you can incorporate ductless units into the hotter area of the room that will promote cooling.


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